The sun juicer is an emergency parabolic solar cooker assembly kit. 

It's extremely compact when not assembled, making it very convenient for storing in small spaces compared to other bulky parabolic solar cookers. 
It's light weight and volume make it particularly exceptional for transporting and shipping (individually or in bulk).
Its assembly is completely manual and no tools are required.
It's able to accomplish basic cooking needs, for one to two people, fueled only by the energy of the sun. 

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The Sun Juicer can boil, fry, grill, and steam, just like a stove top, for 1 to 2 people at a time. 
It takes approximately 35 minutes to boil 2 cups of water on a clear sunny day.
It fries an egg in about 7 minutes.
One chicken breast in 15-20 minutes.
There are other factors that will vary cooking times, such as time of year, time of day, weather conditions, and proper usage. It won't be as fast as as other cooking methods, but certainly cleaner and in many cases the only alternative at hand.

Besides cooking, The Sun Juicer, will allow you to light a fire in about 1 minute, and can also be used as a light projector.

Extremely lightweight 
The parabolic dish is made out of a highly reflective heat resistant 
Mylar coated with aluminum oxide.  
A Simple to assemble structure that supports the dish, and stove top, will allow you to easily position align and adjust your solar cooker to the particular position of the sun through most of the day. Tips and guidelines will be provided in the manual.
The stove top allows you to use small and medium household lidded pots and pans (preferably black in color or as dark as possible).
Does not require special containers or heat resistant bags. 

recommended maximum capacity of 3 lbs. 
maximum diameter 8"  
It comes with a simple instruction manual and user guide for building, positioning, maintaining and basic care.